Thank you for purchasing a premade Blogger template from Laura Jane Designs!
*Save any files sent to you after purchasing a premade template to your desktop, or another easy to find file*

- Please remember that any changes made to the HTML and template of a premade design is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. 
   I am not responsible for correcting these mistakes. 

- If mistakes are made to a premade template I am able to correct them for a $20 an hour fee, with a minimum of one hour.

You will need a Photobucket account to host additional images.
Additional images = grab button, social icons {NOT your header}
Don't panic, Photobucket accounts are free.

Back up your template
From your Dashboard, follow this click order: Design --> Edit HTML --> Download Full Template.
Save this file somewhere you can easily find it again (Desktop, for example).

Now, if you have several widgets with html/javascript or text content, you will want to back these up as well.
Widget content IS NOT GUARANTEED to survive the self-installation. It is sometimes lost or shuffled around. 

Open your widget and copy/paste the content into Notepad to save for later.
*Why Notepad? Microsoft Word adds automatic formatting. This formatting can wreak havoc on a web template.

Upload your premade template
Start with the Minima template: 
Click on Design --> Edit HTML --> scroll down to Select Layout Template --> choose Minima --> Save Template --> Edit HTML

Browse and Upload the file you saved to your desktop.
*You may choose to Keep Widgets, but remember that content will probably be lost or shuffled in the upload. 
Save template. 

Go to Page Elements.
Click Edit on the (Header) box. Here is where you enter your blog title and tag line.

Installing your menu bar (if applicable)
Just under the (Header) box click Add A Gadget. Add an HTML/Javascript widget. 
Open the text file for the Menu Bar and copy/paste this into the widget.

This widget is where you customize the links for your menu bar. I automatically have Home, About Me, and Contact in there for you to get started. There is also an example of how to input the drop down links (with "the kids" and "the author" links).

Simply replace the # signs with the links to your pages.

There is a really really awesome tutorial at April Showers about customizing this widget. 

See a diagram from April HERE.

*contact me if you have any questions about installing your menu bar.

Installing your Grab Button (if applicable)

{Make sure the grab button image attached in your email is uploaded to your free Photobucket account.}

Copy and paste the following code into an HTML/Javascript widget.

Copy the Direct Link from Photobucket for this image and paste into the code you just put in the widget where it says "DIRECT LINK"

Find the all caps text that says "BLOG URL." You will need to replace this with your homepage URL. 

Important!  Make sure you do not delete the quotations around it!

Save the widget and you're done! 

Installing your Social Icons (if applicable)
{Make sure any social icons attached in your email are uploaded to your free Photobucket account.}

Add an HTML/Javascript gadget.
Copy and paste the following code into the gadget:

Copy the Direct Link from Photobucket for the corresponding image and paste into the code you just put in the widget where it says "DIRECT LINK"

Important!  Make sure you do not delete any quotations around it!

Simply repeat these steps for each social icon. You can choose to put the codes right next to each other with no spaces and make the icons side by side. Or space down and paste the code to make them stack vertically. It really depends on the size and shape of the icons. 

Save the widget and you're done!

Please display this button on your new blog.
Why? Because it's pretty.


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