Friends don't let friends browse with IE
Internet Explorer is the bane of a designer's existence. It's buggy, it's glitchy, it's hell to code. It doesn't support all image formats and, by all means, it will litter your computer with spyware and pop ups. Please, for the love of all, download one of these fabulous browsers. I personally use Chrome. Firefox is a dream. I thank you in advance.

Affordable, reliable, fabulous web hosting. 
Other good hosting providers: BlueHost and HostGator  
Having trouble with Blogger? Need some help on setting up a free Blogger blog or making a post? Please search these forums to answer all basic questions. 

A page full of links to the best free fonts on the web. You should only use, at most, 2-3 different fonts on a website. I am able to use most fonts from these sites {with the exception of some on FontSquirrel}.

Seriously awesome color palettes. Seriously.

Color palettes! 

Need color inspiration? Browse through beautiful color palettes and patterns for ideas on your design.

Digital Scrap Kits
Digital scrapbooking kits provide backgrounds, papers, and embellishments that can jazz up any web design. I encourage using one of these kits for colorful, family style blogs.

ClipArt and Dreamstine 
For more professional or minimal designed sites, I like to use clip art and stock images from Dreamstine.

Business Cards, MiniCards, Postcards and more

Need a dependable place to print your invitations and business cards? I use Moo. com. They have this awesome feature where you can get miniature cards or cards with a different design on the front of a set! The quality is really great and service is quick and painless.
Other great printing sites: VistaPrint and OvernightPrints

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friends don't let friends use internet explorer