With each of my designs and projects, I bust tail to make my customers 110% satisfied with a design. Charging for extra revisions and trying to nickel and dime my customers for small projects or favors would go against everything I want Laura Jane Designs to be! Now I want to go above and beyond doing small coding tweaks and graphics changes and offer freebie backgrounds, images, and even some templates for everyone!

Because of some suggestions from a few customers, I've decided to make it a little easier to leave a tip or donation for my free services. And instead of me sending you an invoice or putting an annoying giant yellow donate button on my blog, I'm asking that you simply buy me a cupcake.

Because, seriously, who doesn't love cupcakes?

Thank you SO much for every penny.
Even the smallest amount helps immensely towards the cost of 
image hosting, stock graphics, and my internet bill.
{I am so grateful}


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