Design Terms

business hours
Sunday 2-10                         Thursday 1-8
Monday 8-5                          Friday 6-10
Tuesday 6-10                        

CLOSED Wednesday & Saturday CLOSED
No correspondence should be expected on these days.

Please keep in mind that I have an office job from 8-6 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I am unavailable for correspondence during this time unless I catch a lucky lunch break to check my phone. I also have a husband, home and 2 year old to take care of on top of my two jobs. This web design business is my dream and I'm working as hard as I can to make it come true. I try to answer all emails within 36 hours.

Laura Jane Designs is not liable for any photographs of digital elements provided by clients. I assume that if you are providing me with an image to use that you have attained the proper permissions from the rightful owner. Digital scrap kits must be purchased by me so I can make sure it's abiding by the terms of the digital designer.

All designs and coding by Laura Jane Designs is protected by copyright law. No one may copy or edit any of my designs or coding unless you have express permission by me. Images, coding, and other elements are NOT to be shared, copied or altered in any way.

Please understand that blog owners DO have permission to add or edit text, gadget location, photos, and widgets. It's your blog, after all, and you can organize it how you like!

design credit
Credit will be given to Laura Jane Designs and any appropriate digital designer in the form of a link back placed at the bottom of every blog design. This link is NOT to be removed by the blog author unless your complete template and design is redone.

I will need access to Photobucket, Blogger, Wordpress and hosting accounts to complete installation on designs. Any private information passed between myself and the customer will be kept that way; private. In order to install, the customer will need to grant me author privileges. The customer does not have permission to install any custom designs. Laura Jane Designs installs custom designs for free!

Laura Jane Designs accepts payments through PayPal only. By paying your invoice, customers are agreeing to these terms of use. You even check a box saying you've read this. Full payment is required prior to any design work being done.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your blog design, please contact Laura Jane about your expectations. Anything and everything will be done to ensure complete satisfaction with your custom blog design. Due to the nature of the services, refunds will be given only for special circumstances, minus $30 fee for your spot.

All files and pictures will be deleted from my network 30 days after completion. Any minor revisions in that 30 day period are no charge. I reserve the right to determine once revisions become excessive and may assess an additional fee. But, seriously, if you're not being ridiculous then I'm always happy to help!

I can store all customized templates and graphics for a one time $15 fee.

By request, any headers containing pictures can have an additional, flattened image with the picture removed emailed to you for you to make any picture updates in the future without my interference. There is no extra charge for this. The image is not to be copied, shared, or displayed anywhere except the blog it was designed for. It is the responsibility of the customer to keep this file for any revision after the initial 30 day period.

I'm not responsible for any coding or widget mess-ups once your design is installed. Please be careful when editing your template. I reserve the right to assess a fee for any corrections.
You must back up your template prior to installation. I am not responsible for any material or widgets lost during installation. If you have any trouble doing this, please contact me or read this document. It's super easy.

Laura Jane Designs can ensure that your design is compatible with the most up to date Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer browsers at the time of installation. I, of course, highly recommend you use the latest version of Firefox for the best browsing quality. Laura Jane Designs cannot guarantee your design will be mobile friendly with the iPad, mobile phone or any other viewing tablet. Minimum resolution guaranteed is 1024x768 pixels, the standard resolution for the iPad Landscape view. If you need a mobile responsive design this must be discussed before design work begins and may be subject to and additional fee.

wait time
Because I am so determined to make every one of my customers 100% satisfied with their design, I offer unlimited drafts on your design. Due to the nature of this business, some designs tend to take longer than expected. Since I limit the amount of projects I work on simultaneously, the estimated start date I give you is just that: an estimate. I take on, at most, 3-5 designs at a time. Most designs can be completed within 2 weeks {I give myself a wide berth. You never know with a toddler running around}.

Though I hope and pray that Laura Jane Designs will one day be my full time job, right now it is a moonlit, part time position. My family is also my number one priority. Though drama is always lurking close behind me, be assured that services will always be rendered professionally and efficiently within my means. If you have any concerns regarding your current wait time PLEASE email me so I know {}.

rush orders
I can provide graphics or a design for rush services. Need your design in the next two weeks and can't wait two months? A $100 rush fee will be assessed because that means a couple of long nights for a tired mama. I will adjust this fee for smaller graphics (buttons, headers, business cards, etc). Rush designs will shoot up to the next spot on my schedule. Please contact me ahead of time to make sure I have a rush spot open!

I reserve the right to refuse service to any customer.  I just don't have time for the crazies.

Any questions regarding my Terms of Design, please contact me.

These terms were revised and published in February 2012. 

Imitation is not always flattery. It's stealing. So please, be inspired but don't copy and paste.

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