Interested in hosting a design package giveaway? I'd love to help you!

Giveaways are a major way to attract more followers to your blog and they help generate more interest in my design services at the same time. It's good for my business and great for your blog!

Giveaway Package
- Custom background and columns {2 or 3 columns only} 
- Custom header
- Basic navigation menu bar
- Coordinating font, links and text colors
- Grab button + text code
- Post divider, sidebar and post title image, plus favicon for Firefox
- Installation

*The cost of digital scrap kits or clipart is not included in a Giveaway Package. Keep in mind, not every design requires one, either.

If interested in hosting a giveaway, please contact me about my available slots. I only have the ability to do two giveaways a month. If your blog is eligible, we will schedule the giveaway date and I will send you a file of images and requests. You must contact me after the giveaway winner is chosen with with winner's email address so I may contact them. It's not my responsibility to keep up with the giveaway and track down the winner's email address.

I reserve the right to turn down any requests to host a giveaway. Some things I take into account when scheduling my giveaways are follower and feed subscription numbers, site content, and unique visitor stats. Please do not be offended if I decide not to sponsor a giveaway with you. I do my best to accommodate all types and sizes of blogs, but since this is money I am practically giving away I need to take my risks and potential financial return into account.

Your blog must have at least 300 followers
The first requirement for an entry must be to follow me at Laura Jane Designs

That's it! Please contact me if interested. I look forward to working with you!


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