It's a Bright and Shiny Day!

I am SO so so so excited to show of my new blog design! I really wanted something more unique that was 150% me and this. is. it!

The past month has been a complete kerfuffle of nonsense. Sickness, holidays, and financial stress all led me down to some deep soul searching and a desperate need to get my passions back on track. I've learned a lot in the past six months and am ready to tackle new and improved web designing!

I'm head over heels excited about launching Wordpress design soon. I already have some customers lined up and can't wait to get started with them! Please take a look around- I know there are some pages that still need true information on them and not just a shoddy "COMING SOON" job. But when I say soon, I mean soon!

LJD will soon be offering premade templates for as low as $10 a pop and some awesome free tutorials on those pesky html issues many bloggers have day to day. If anyone has any suggestions on tutorials they'd like to see or ideas on premades, please leave them in THIS form! Who knows, maybe your blog design idea or color scheme will be my first one!

My wait list is currently book through the middle of March. For all inquiries on blog designs, please submit an order form from the design pages or just shoot me an email. I also offer rush orders now!

Returning customers, Laura Jane Designs is now offering a referral program! 
Details coming soon, or you can email me for the deets right now. =)

THANK YOU for being great customers, great readers, and great friends. I can't wait to see where LJD takes me and my dream to make it full time. 
It's YOU that makes this possible for me and I couldn't be more grateful.


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