So let's talk Black Friday...

We all know it's the #1 day for shoppers and great deals.

Why would Laura Jane Designs be any different?

I will be offering 35% off of my Tulip and Stargazer packages on this super shopper day!

{yes, you added that up right}

Tulip package will only be $29!
The Stargazer package will only be $39!
So now you're wondering,
how do I get in on this sweet deal?

  1. Watch for my Black Friday super secret post at 7:00am CST
  2. Using the Paypal button I'll have set up, order your design with the 35% off price.
  3. Email me THIS design questionnaire.

Fine Print: All designs purchased on Friday, November 26th, will be started and completed during the month of March (possibly, but not necessarily, sooner). In order to receive a blog design for the discounted price you must pay in advance using PayPal. Please note that there will be no rush orders taken on Black Friday.

I will only be taking a max of 20 orders with the discounted prices, so don't wait until the end of the day!
{and I'd pee my pants with excitement if I even got close to that number- but a girl has to have limits...}

If you are a future customer on my wait list, this sale applies to you as well (of course!)
I hope you're keeping an eye on my updates =)

ALSO, I will be giving away a free blog design to one lucky customer that signs up on my wait list. =) Ready to be in line for your new custom design? 

Get your name on my list by Monday, November 29th, and you could win your design for free!


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