New Designs!

I've been insanely busy with fabulous blog designs the past two weeks. It seriously overwhelms me to think that there are people out there that really want me to design their blogs! The money has truly been a gift from above and has helped Topher and I stay afloat during these past couple of months.

As most of you know, I started working full time a few weeks ago. I in no way want to slow Laura Jane Designs production down, though! I'm busting tail to keep up with all of you and make you satisfied, beautified customers! If you notice, designs are taking a tad longer than usual and that is simply because this is a major adjustment period for me. I'm learning how to balance my 8-5, cuddle my toddler, and bust out a fantastic blog header all at the same time. Forget keeping up with all the rest! lol 

You have all been more than understanding an amazing and for that I want to

 thank you.

From the bottom of my heart I sincerely thank you all for being the greatest customers and friends ever! 

Now- new designs that I have been failing to display for everyone! 

business card


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