Installation Instructions for Blogger

1. Please make sure any final payments have been made to Feel free to contact me if you’re still not sure if or what you owe.

2. Back up your template! Go to your Dashboard, click Design, then Edit HTML, then Download Full Template. Save this somewhere you can easily find it.

3. Give me administrator privileges:
    a) Go into Dashboard, click Settings, then Permissions, then invite me as an author.{}
    b) I will send you a confirmation email that I’ve accepted.
    c) Please go back into Permissions and make me an administrator --> very important!

4. Read my Terms of Design again. Please remember that I require the designer credit and button to be displayed on the home page of your blog. It’s not ugly, so don’t worry too much. =) 

Please contact me if you have any problems with these 4 steps. Thank you!

Laura Jane


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